Macallan Mail Solution - Mail Server for Windows
Free Mail Server
Macallan Mail Solution is a Freeware Mail Server (SMTP/POP3/IMAP/HTTP/NEWS/SSL/Tunnel) for :
Microsoft Windows XP ™ (32bits version),
Microsoft Windows Server 2003 ™ (32bits version),
Microsoft Windows 7 ™ (32bits and 64bits versions),
Microsoft Windows Server 2008 R2 ™ (64bits version),
Microsoft Windows 8 ™ (64bits version),
Microsoft Windows 8.1 ™ (64bits version),
Microsoft Windows Server 2012 ™ (64bits version),
Microsoft Windows 10 Preview ™ (64bits version).

It may works with other versions (such as Vista) knowing that the minimal version is Windows XP.

It works with clients such as Microsoft Outlook Express™, Microsoft Outlook™ and Mozilla Thunderbird (that I use).
It manage local Mails and eMails, incoming eMails from the Internet and outgoing eMails to external mail addresses.
Other mail clients may work.

Filtering mechanisms against Spammers using DNSBL (DNS Black List) and your own Keywords Black List / Friend List are included. Mechanisms against Virus can be used with your Anti-Virus.
Replies can be sent automatically for those abusing Spams and Virus to providers. SpamAssassin can be used.

Normally all POP3 Clients should work.

PHP is supported thru IMAP functions. Functions as imap_open, imap_listmailbox, imap_headers, imap_fetch_overview, imap_body, imap_fetchbody, imap_close have been partially tested. Other functions may normally work.

Secure Socket Layer (SSL) and Transport Layer Security (TLS) are supported thru OpenSSL libraries.

The local SMTP and the local POP3 accounts are limited to 128. The number of external accounts collected using the retriever is not limited (except by program capacity). There is no time or features limitation. If you need more accounts send me an email.

The program has been tested with 1700 simulated concurrent POP3 users on a Pentium P4 2.4 GHz 512 Mb running Windows NT 2000 Server (A long time ago).
But the suitable range of concurrent users is more likely 100 to 400 concurrent users. (My home computers description).

Why a New Software  
On Linux you can get easily Open Source mail servers. On Windows 2000 or Windows XP, I have not found real free software.
Most of them are limited in functionalities or have time limits. So I decided to write mine for my personal use.
Then I decided to share it with other users to enable them to choose between software on Linux or on Windows.
Functions Description

POP3 Client Supported All POP3 clients should be
Authentication A POP, LOGIN, PLAIN,

IMAP CLients Supported  
Microsoft Outlook
Microsoft Outlook Express
Mozilla ThunderBird
iPhone IMAP mail Client
Sparrow Mail
Windows Phone 8 Mail
Authentication LOGIN, PLAIN, CRAM-MD5,

WebMail Supported  

SMTP Receiver Features  
Authentication NONE, LOGIN, PLAIN

SMTP Mailer Features  
Authentication NONE, LOGIN, PLAIN

News Server (NNTP) Support Feeding

Tunnel TCP/IP Tunnel with or without SSL.
Socks5 Server.
Socks4 (Socks4a) Server.

Secure Socket Layer Thru OpenSSL

  White List, Black List
  DNS Black List(DNSBL)
  Reply to Providers of SPAM
SpamAssassin can be used

  Antivirus Launch on messages
  Message attachment types
  Reply to Providers of Virus

The supported protocols are :
  • SMTP for the sending and receiving of mail messages
  • POP3, IMAP and HTTP for the clients mailboxes.
  • POP3 Client for mail retrieval (IMAP Client is on development) from external pop3 servers.
  • NNTP Clients for the News Server.
  • TCP/IP for the Tunnel
  • SSL v3 Secure Socket Layer and TLS Transport Layer Security

Spammers are detected using keywords and messages are put apart, to be treated by an Anti-Spam process.

The SMTP Server also uses DnsBL (Dns Black List) functions to identify Spammers.

sorbs SpamCop Spamhaus ROKSO db SBL
openrbl dsbl ORDB  
See other information on DnsBL at or on Icons.

An advanced Anti-Spam mechanism is provided.

Antivirus can be used to scan messages if they provide a command line tool.

I now use ClamAV (the an open source GPL AntiVirus) under Windows.

SquirrelMail - Webmail for Nuts

With some modifications SquirrelMail can work as a WebMail client with Macallan Mail Solution.
Setting Squirrel Mail for Windows XP is detailed at
The settings are also described here.

Personally I now use SquirrelMail.

The program has been tested with versions of SquirrelMail 1.4.3a to 1.4.9a (the version I use).

SpamAssassin On Windows

Macallan Mail Solution is now able to use SpamAssassin as a Spam Filter.

Information on SpamAssassin can be found at
Those settings are also described here.

Even if the SpamAssassin is a little slower than my integrated Spam Control
I now use SpamAssassin.

The program has been tested with SpamAssassin 3.0.2 to version 3.1.0.
I am now using the precompiled version (3.1.7) available at

Problems Fixed & New functions
Versions Description Adapt Behaviour of IMAP Body.Peek[Body] Use OpenSSL 1.0.2d. Use OpenSSL 1.0.2c. Fix a problem with AUTH PLAIN when sending Mails Use OpenSSL 1.0.2. Change IMAP UID to 64 bits. Enhance SSL Security. Change Signing Certificate Use OpenSSL 0.98.zb. Add enhancements on Denied/Allowed Hosts. Fix a problem on POP3 and SMTP servers. Fix a problem on Whois.
 Enhance crash Report. IPV6 implementation for Services and Connections Add Support for IPV6 x64 and x86 new Version.
Remove MCWeb. Change to use OpenSSL 0.98y Fix IMAP UIDNEXT / Some Synchronization Fix a problem with IMAP Search Change to use OpenSSL 0.98x
Compatibility with Java
Improve Performance on LIST and LSUB
Debug features for a Username Change to use OpenSSL 0.98r Minor changes on Tunnel logging. Change to OpenSSL 0.98q Change to OpenSSL 0.98p. Visual Studio 2010 Runtime.
You must Install the Microsoft Visual C++ 10.0 CRT First.
Note: Windows 2K is no longer supported. Fix a problem with Retriever that could crash SMTP process Improve Performance for IMAP FETCH Use of OpenSSL 0.98o. Using 7zip Add Internal / External e/Mail optional conversion Use of OpenSSL 0.98l. Add an automatic "rcpt to" equivalent to sender and/or other email. Use of OpenSSL 0.98k - Minor updates on GUI Use of OpenSSL 0.98j Add optional anti attack feature. Add configurable ACL. Use OpenSSL 0.98h. Add bytes counters for receive, send and retrieve on mailboxes. Fix a problem with keep flag in pop3 retrieval. Support Microsoft Vista. Add EventLog messages. Fix Install / Remove Problems. Add Signature to Outgoing Mails. Extra entry points to manage messages. Automatic Dispatching of Mails into IMAP Folders Multi-threaded DNS-BL pool. Use of OpenSSL 0.98g. Fix a problem on Large Messages. Fix SMTP AUTH LOGIN username on the same line. Use of OpenSSL 0.98f. Minor Updates for Dyndns Use of for DynDns Updates Minor Changes on SMTP Enable limitation on local pop3. Fix a problem with pop3 rset. Multiple DynDNS updates. Mailer thru multiple steps. MCMail status of messages. Add a maximum on Pop3 Retrieve - Fix a problem with cleaner / archives Fix problems with Pop3 retriever and local host handling. Add settings thru http under IIS. Add an optional cache for host. Fix a problem with the mailer that crashes under some condition. Add MMS Administration inside Microsoft Internet Information Server. Small WebMail inside Microsoft Internet Information Server. Use OpenSSL 0.98e. Add small WebMail inside Internet Information Server.  
Versions History  


It is highly recommended to always use the latest version since it contains enhancements and correction.

A certificate file exists that you can install in your trusted certificates to avoid some messages : Root Certificate.
All program files and libraries are signed using this Root Certificate.
Current Versions
Description Download
Last Current
Size   Download
Last Beta
Macallan Mail Solution - Server x86 (32 Bits) MMSWixSetupx86.msi 22 Mb   MMSWixSetupx86.msi
Macallan Mail Solution - Server x64 (64 Bits) MMSWixSetupx64.msi 23 Mb   MMSWixSetupx64.msi
Macallan Mail Solution - Help File MMSHelp.7z 1 Mb    

Installation procedure uses now the Microsoft Installer version 4.5 build with Windows Xml Installer.

Microsoft Installer Version 4.5 for Windows XP and Windows 2003 Server must be downloaded at the Microsoft web site.

If you use a version prior to uninstall Macallan Mail Solution and install new version in the same directory.


Screen Shot and Pad File
Screen shots can be found at : Image_About.jpg and Image_Users_Management.jpg
The pad file can be found at: pad_file.xml with information listed in pad_file.htm
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