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Setting up SQUIRRELMAIL on Win2K or WinXP 2000
with IIS and Macallan Mail Solution

Upon setting up Macallan Mail Solution to receive your domain's email, you can also add additional functionality of a web mail server by installing Squirrel Mail.

This will serve as a web interface for users to read their emails via a web browser from a remote location.

Setting up Squirrel Mail on a Windows 2000 machine can be tough due to the lack of documentation for Windows users along with the idiosyncracy of Windows' operational behaviour varying with different patches.

  1. Install Windows 2000 with IIS enable fully patched with all service packs and patches.
  2. Setup your site using IIS Internet Services Manager.
  3. Extract all Squirrelmail files within zip to a folder call "MAIL".
  4. Setup Internet Services Manager to point to this folder "MAIL" by creating a virtual directory within your site. (Right click on site, select New, select Virtual Directory, give it a alias eg "mail" (this will be accessible via Remember to set the default document to "index.php" so that it is executed first.
  5. Install Perl and it will auto config itself to work on *.pl and *.plx files.
  6. Download both version of PHP (the installer and the zipped version) from the same release and extract the zipped version first into a folder "PHP".
  7. Run the installer version of PHP over the existing "PHP" version and it will save you the headaches of having to configure the program paths to work in Windows.
  8. Copy all DLL files from the folder DLL within "PHP" directory into WINDOWS\SYSTEM32 folder.
  9. Next locate the php.ini file in eithier your WINDOWS or WINDOWS\SYSTEM32 directory and open it up with a text editor.
  10. Within the file, do a search for "extension_dir" and replace the default "./DATA" to "C:\PHP\extensions".
  11. Look further down or do a search for "Windows Extensions" and unREM (mean remove the ;) from "extension=php_gettext.dll", "extension=php_imap.dll" and "extension=php_ldap.dll". As describe in the documentation, these are the support dll modules needed.
  12. Create a test file call "PHPINFO.PHP" with the text  "<? phpinfo(); ?>" and copy it to your "MAIL" folder and do a test by typing "" in IE. If there is no error, PHP is working. If not, check your virtual directory's PHP mapping by clicking on Properties, Configuration and App Mappings.
  13.  Add PHP if it is not configured in your virtual directory by clicking on Add, the browse to your PHP executable (eg C:\PHP\PHP.EXE) and set extension to ".PHP".
  14. Sometimes, you may need to restart Windows 2000 machine for it to work after doing alot of amendments.
  15. Next you can configure Squirrelmail by browsing in your Windows explorer and double-click on "" file in "config" folder in SquirrelMail directory and make the neccessary changes. I would change Organisation Name, Domain, localhost to static IP address of your mail server machine, IMAP from default setting "cyrus" to "other" as I use Macallan Mail Solution.
  16. Next locate the text "header("Location: $redirect_url");" in redirect.php found in your SquirrelMail "src" directory and replace it with the following :
    echo "<html><head><META HTTP-EQUIV=\"Refresh\" CONTENT=\"0; 
    URL=$redirect_url\"></head><body><a href=$redirect_url>Enter</a></body></html>";
  17. Finally, before testing your SquirrelMail installation, remember to give write access to your folder "DATA" within SquirrelMail directory and "sessiondata" and "uploadtemp" within PHP.
  18. Test the Web Mail Server and it should work fine. Check through the steps again if you face problem with the installation.

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