Macallan Mail Solution - Versions


Versions Description Remove direct links to OpenSSL. Use only manifest VC80.CRT 8.0.50727.42. Modification in Newsgroup. Change some features for Purge/Archive. Fix the Installation problem. Add PubRO right for Newsgroups. Modify Install Kit to Use Previous Installation Directory. Add Configurable Archive and Purge Add Other Services Launching on MMS Startup. Improve Routing towards External Servers. Add Sock5 and Socks4a Servers. Improve Tunnel (many connections to many services thru one port).
Improve Scheduler. Fix a bug in Dispatcher. Improve Scheduling. Use OpenSSL 0.98d. Make Message Customizable. Change DYNDNS behavior. Fix a DynDNS problem. Fix a POP3 APOP problem. Improve Performances for IMAP and NEWS Minor Update on GUI and Kits Change in SSL Handling. VS2005 VC8 Build. Dot Net 2.0 Only. Fix a problem on Pop3 retriever. Support of Dot.Net 2.0 IMAP Search. MCWinMail Settings. Concurrent Users License. Fix a problem when AntiVirus Freeze - Allow Retriever on localhost
Add dispatching rules - Improve Termination Improve Log Files. Improve Log Files. Improve RCPT TO and MAIL FROM. Improve SMTP choice, remove DNS BL when too slow. Starts W3CLog Fix various problem for TLS. Improve Sort performance Add TLS/SSL Support to incoming connections and SMTP Mailers Security Update
Fix a problem on IMAP security for authenticated accounts Improve Graphic User Interface Increase the number of accounts to 128 without license.
Add gray list handling.
Add dialogs in MCWinMail and MCMail to add or edit entries (except users settings).
Add command lines for accounts handling thru mcsmtp -usersettings commands. Improve statistics. Antivirus on news. Wiki pointers on GUI. Fix and Improve dispatching Rules - Improve MCMail and MCWinMail Fix a problem on GUI on No Spam Check Flag
Add Customizable Limits on Connections
Implement POP3 Retriever Keep methods Correctly Add Dialup Features and fix SSL_ functions status Fix a problem with SSL_accept Change Memory Handling Add Statistics. Minor Updates Add NT LM Support for Authentication - Fix some Problems Add Tunneling with and without SSL. Modify the Setup. Add SSL Support thru OpenSSL Updates on POP3 / SMTP Add Active Directory Import and Authentication Adjustment on Time Zone (AUTO Mode).
Add Port Number in Configuration Files on Forwarding and Relaying. Minor Updates on performances and correction of a small memory leak Cache Directories and Improve performance for POP3/IMAP.
Enable multiple Protocols on different IP addresses. Make TimeOut configurable.

Update on IMAP - Preserve Date and Flags on Copy Set External AntiVirus and External AntiSpam Processes Count. Add a News Server (NNTP) linked to the Mail Server. Add IlohaMail WebMail support. Correct a problem with SMTP receive. Updates on Folders and Sub Folders for IMAP Update on Spam Assassin Log Files - Add extra commands Add support for Spam Assassin - Enhance Mail Retry -
dotNet Administration updates Some Updates Add a new GUI (previous is maintained). Correct a problem on Folders Major Update - Security Update - New Organization : Inbox are moved

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