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Macallan Mail Solution - Mail Server under Windows

A Freeware Mail Server for Windows XP/2K with POP3 (Server and Retriever from Providers), SMTP Server, IMAP server, HTTP (webMail) Servers included, and an advanced AntiSpam mechanism using DnsBL (Dns Black List). An administration interface has been developped using Microsoft Net Framework. The setup file for x64 is MMSWixSetupx64.msi.
At this time, I am working on this software and it is updated often.
The program is free for 128 users (previously 32) and have no time limit.


A card game (like spider solitaire) Jeu de Cartes.7z.
I have written a Java version JavaSpiderSolitaire.7z (220 Kb) that runs on Java 1.4.
A Java Applet Online Version Java Spider Solitaire JApplet and
Java Online Version Java Spider Solitaire are also available.
A Pad File is Available.

Convert Subtitles Srt File to Ssa

A tool that simply converts subtitle files (.srt) into VirtualDub usable subtitle (.ssa) : ConvertSrt2Ssa.7z.
There is a Pad File, an Icon and a Picture available.

Outlook Express Extraction
The OutLookExpressExtraction.7z (0.85 Mb Windows XP/2K Setup File) and its help file WOE5ExtractHelp.7z.
There is a Pad File available.
MidiGlassPlayer.7z is Midi Player.

MidiGlass.7z is a program than enables modifying and playing Midi files.

Comments and Contacts
For any comments send me a Electronic Mail at ian.macallan on Gmail (com).
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